Rotozips were invented by Bob Kopras in the early 1970's, he was frustrated by the amount of time it took to cut out holes for sockets and light switches in plasterboard and so developed a machine that could do it extremely fast. His machine was a spiral cutting machine, now called a Rotozip. These machines now come with many different bits for cutting various materials including plastic, tile and wood. Personally I have tried these machines on Perspex and to be honest they are difficult to control and wander easily, I have tried them on plywood and broke the bit in seconds and I have tried them on floor tiles and the bit just glowed and nearly melted! The only material that I have not tried them on is plasterboard, which is probably the only material they are any use on!



Rotozips are probably useful for use on plasterboard or useful for the model maker but their use in DIY is very limited

dewalt rotozip

Cordless versions are available which makes them easier to use