Chrome pipe can be bent by using pipe bending springs or a dedicated tube bending machine. Avoid trying to create tight bends as this often causes the chrome plating to distort on the inside of the bend. If you require a 90 degree tight bend then it makes more sense to use a 90 degree chrome plated compression joint. You can also use this method to bend copper pipe but for this tutorial we are using chrome pipe.


bend chrome pipe

It is possible to bend chrome plated pipe, but it if you require a tight bend then it is often much easier and neater to use chrome plated compression elbows.

rippled chrome pipe

Sometimes when you bend chrome pipe it ripples on the internal angle, there is not much you can do about this.

You can use either a dedicated pipe bending machine or a pipe bending spring, here we are using the much cheaper alternative- the pipe bending spring.

pipe bending spring

You need to obtain the correct size spring for the pipe that you are bending and so we have a 15mm pipe bending spring here. One end of the spring has an hook, this makes it much easier to remove the spring.

pipe bending spring in pipe

The pipe bending spring does not make bending the pipe any easier, it merely stops the pipe from crushing during bending. Do not cut the pipe with a pipe slice as it can narrow the pipe slightly, making it almost impossible to get the bending spring inside of the pipe, for this reason a hack saw is better. Ensure you remove any burrs once it has been cut. Push the spring into the pipe to the required place where you want the bend.

pipe bending spring in pipe

Grab the pipe with both hands and push the pipe downwards on your leg, just above the knee. This is difficult, so if you are frail then it is best not to attempt this.

bend pipe over knee

This requires a fair amount of strength, you can see that the pipe has now bent. It is often easier to remove the spring if you over bend the pipe and then bend it back slightly.

remove bending spring

To remove the spring you can thread a screwdriver through the hook on the end to get more leverage.