There are several different types of basin waste fittings, some require a plug to hold the water in the basin and others have sprung mechanisms and others have a lever which exits at the rear of a monobloc tap. The majority of basin waste fittings are all fitted in a similar way.


basin pop up waste components

This is a sprung basin waste and it works by pressing the centre of the waste fitting in the basin, when it pops up the water is released from the basin. The kit comprises of the sprung basin waste, a sealing washer and a plastic nut.

basin waste top washer

Slide the white foam washer onto the waste fitting and position it in the basin waste hole.

You can see here that there are holes cut into the side of the waste, these are for the overflow water to escape into the waste pipe as most porcelain basins have a built in overflow. It is important that these holes are not blocked.

basin waste bottom washer

The manufacturers instructions for fitting this waste was to seal around the pop up waste using silicone and then place it into position and then fit the sealing washer to the bottom and then the large plastic nut.

I did exactly as the instructions said and the waste leaked and so I removed it and tried again using even more silicone and it leaked again, then the retaining nut broke and so off I went to my local DIY store and I found a much better solution for fitting the waste.

basin sealing kit

This is a basin and vanity bowl sealer, it was bought from B&Q and was less than a pound to buy.

The manufacturer is Robimatic plc. If you are going to be fitting a basin waste then I strongly suggest that you use one of these as are a great way of easily sealing the basin waste without the need for tape or sealant! The kit comprises of a white foam washer, the basin mate (tapered rubber washer) and a poly washer.

apply washing up liquid to seal

Smear the basin mate sealer in washing up liquid as this will help to position it correctly.

basin tapered washer

Push the basin sealer up the waste pipe ensuring that the narrow side is first. You can see already that the tapered washer is sealing the basin hole.

position poly washer

Now slide the poly washer up the waste fitting so that it touches the rubber sealing washer.

tighten flanged nut

Now screw the large plastic nut that came with the basin waste fitting and ensure it is fully tightened. You should be able to tighten this by hand, but if you cannot then you can use a pair of water pump pliers.


Do not over tighten it as the nut could split.