Push fit pipe repair couplings are probably the easiest way of repairing a damaged piece of pipe, special care needs to be taken though as some push fit repair couplings are not suitable for central heating and can only be used on domestic hot and cold water. You must also cut the pipe using a pipe slice or have a de-burring tool to remove the burrs from the pipe if using a hack saw or else the burrs on the pipe can damage the sealing O ring inside of the fitting.


nail in pipe

Here we have a copper pipe that has been punctured by a nail, this is very common but can easily be repaired quickly. Push fit pipe repair couplings can be used on copper pipe or plastic pipe as long as a pipe insert is used.

pipe slice

Do Not use a hacksaw to cut the pipe unless you have something to remove the burrs with.!

You must use a pipe slice for copper pipe or a designated pipe cutter for plastic pipe, this is to prevent damage to the sealing rings within the push fit fitting.

pipe repair

The damaged section of the pipe will need removing in order for the push fit pipe repair to fit without kinking. Remember that the pipes will push into the fitting by approximately 20mm at each side.

push fit pipe repair

Push one end of the pipe firmly into the push fit repair fitting, ensuring it is pushed onto the pipe as far as it will go. Once the push fit fitting is on the pipe try to remove it by pulling it without pressing in the release collet.

push fit pipe repair collet

Then push the other pipe into the other end of the fitting. Push the pipes in firmly as far as they will go, then try and pull them out, this should be impossible by hand!

push fit pipe repair fitting

Here you have a permanent, easy pipe repair