Plasterboard is a very easy material to cut and requires only very basic tools. More expensive cutting tools are available which will be described further down this page.

The basic tools are a sharp knife (Stanley knife) an old saw and a straight edge and tape measure, you may also need a wall board saw.

cut plasterboard

Probably the easiest way to cut plasterboard is with a sharp craft knife (Stanley knife).

Simply score one side of the plasterboard

cutting plasterboard

then bend the piece to be cut the opposite way firmly

plasterboard cut

and then cut the paper with the Stanley knife on that side and the two pieces will separate easily.

plasterboard cut corner

To cut out a shape like this from the plasterboard you will need to use a saw and then a Stanley knife.

Firstly saw down to the long cutline using a plasterboard saw or old saw.

Then score and snap the long cut line using the same technique as above.

Professional dry liners are experts at cutting plasterboard and make it look extremely easy, cutting out a hole for a socket or similar is simply a case of scoring it with a Stanley knife and then knocking the required piece out with a hammer, but this requires practice!

plasterboard cut out

For a cut out like this a wall board saw is perfect.

drywall saw

This wall board saw will cut even the most awkward of shapes out easily.

cutting plasterboard

Cutting out a hole for a socket in insulated plasterboard is easy using this dry wall saw