MDPE Pipe can easily be joined using the right connectors

Joining MDPE pipe is very easy and there are several fittings which are made for this purpose such as those made by John Guest, Flowplast, Melimatic and Philmac. You can also use regular compression fittings on MDPE pipe.

To start off with you need to obtain the correct size fitting for the MDPE pipe that you are using, two of the most common sizes in the UK are 20mm and 25mm.

Cutting MDPE pipe

The MDPE pipe needs to be cut squarely and cleanly, this can be done using a hacksaw but for a neater cut a dedicated plastic pipe cutter should be used. After cutting the pipe should be de-burred before inserting the cut end into any fitting.

MDPE pipe insert

Most fittings require the use of a pipe insert for MDPE pipe although the push-loc range from Melimatic do not require the use of a pipe insert. It's critical that a pipe insert is used for all other types of joint as the joint can easily fail if the insert is omitted

MDPE pipe ready for joining

Here you can see that both pieces of MDPE pipe have been cut and the pipe inserts have been inserted fully, ready for the coupling

MDPE push fit coupling

To make this joint we are using a push fit fitting made by John Guest. Simply push the pipe into the fitting until it hits the pipe stop

John Guest 25mm coupling

Now push the other piece of pipe into the other side of the coupling until it hits the in built stop and you have successfully joined the pipe.

These fittings are useful as the pipe can easily be removed by removing the cap and pressing in the collet.

Push-loc 25mm coupling

This push-loc coupling made by Melimatic can also be used to join MDPE pipe. These fittings are quite unique in the fact that they do not require the use of a pipe insert. These fittings are very quick and easy to use but they are not demountable and so cannot be reused.

Push-loc 25mm coupling versus John Guest 25mm coupling

You can see that the John Guest push fit coupling is considerably larger than the Push-Loc by Melimatic. If you need to get the joint through a hole the Push-Loc might be the best option!

Push-loc 25mm coupling versus John Guest 25mm coupling

The Universal transitional coupling (UTC) by Philmac is also an excellent choice when it comes to joining MDPE pipe. These couplings are so versatile that they can join virtually any pipe to any pipe!