driling in brick

Thrubolts are a fast and easy way of fixing heavy items to solid masonry, such as concrete or brick. They are not suitable for use on thermalite blocks or aerated concrete blocks.

It is vital that you use the correct sized drill bit for the thrubolt that you are using or else the bolt will not grip.

When you purchase the thrubolts the packing normally says which size drill to use.

Drill the hole to the correct depth.

hammer in thrubolt

Hammer the thrubolt into the masonry, ensuring that it is the correct way around.

thrubolt in brick

Ensure the thrubolt is firmly in the hole.

ledger spacer

If you want to leave a gap between the item you are fixing and the wall then you can use washers to space the item away, ensure that you use stainless steel washers outside or in areas subject to lots of moisture.

tighten thrubolt

Push the item to be fixed over the thrubolt and then use a washer and a nut and tighten them to the specified torque.

Ensure any item to be fixed is level if needed using a spirit level.