Bolt Type                Nut Type

Shield anchors are very heavy duty fixings, these are often used in industry and can be used in concrete, brick or stone. There are two different types- one which has a nut and the other a bolt. It is of vital importance to drill the correct size hole as if it is too big the whole anchor will spin in the hole and it will not work! These are used to fasten objects to the floor in most cases but can be used on walls and concrete ceilings etc.

The Nut type is preferred as if the anchor spins in the hole you can grip the stud above the nut and hold it until the anchor has spread sufficiently to grip the hole.

Firstly drill a hole to the correct size, this is important as if your hole is too big then the anchors will not grip the substrate material and they will not work.

When drilling the hole with a hammer drill you can remove debris from the hole by removing the drill while it is still spinning, the drill bit picks up pieces of debris and deposits them outside of the hole.

Push the shield anchor through the item that you are fastening and then tighten the nut or bolt, as the nut or bolt tightens it spreads the anchor and so it grips the sides of the hole.