Tarmac drives or roads can soon become damaged, especially when frosty weather causes frost damage to the Tarmac. There are now some excellent Tarmac repair products that can be laid cold that will repair damage caused to Tarmac.


everbuild quickmac

In this tutorial we will be using Ever build's Quick mac to repair the damaged Tarmac. As with any product always read the instructions and safety warnings.

Tarmac damage

This is the damaged patch of Tarmac, this needs removing until the compacted sub base is reached.

Ensure any loose material around the edge of the hole is removed.

remove Tarmac damage

Once you reach the sub base use either a Tarmac rammer or a heavy hammer to compress the sub base.

Tarmac repair

Fill the hole with the Tarmac repair, in this case Quick Mac

Tarmac damage

Fill the hole using the Tarmac repair compound and then compress the tarmac by hitting it with a hammer or use a Tarmac rammer.

You will now find that the hole needs more Tarmac repair to make it flush with the surrounding Tarmac, so add more and then compact it again.

Tarmac damage

Once the Tarmac repair is level with the surrounding Tarmac you can leave it to weather in.

After a few months the patch will hardly be noticeable!