Removing silicone sealant used to be a difficult job but now it has been made much easier with the aid of chemicals that are specifically formulated to attack the silicone which makes it much easier to remove. The silicone remover chemicals work well and make removing silicone much easier than trying to just scrape the products away.

old silicone sealant

Here we have a silicone bead that needs removing before the new silicone can be applied. It's advisable to wear safety gloves as this will protect your skin from the chemicals.

silicone remover

This is the tube of silicone remover, this tube fits into a standard silicone sealant gun and so applying the remover is easy. You can also buy small containers of the silicone remover which often contain a brush for ease of application.

silicone remover safety

Before starting work it is essential that you read the health and safety information on the silicone remover as some chemicals can be harmful to health. You must follow the instructions and wear the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).

apply silicone remover

Remove as much of the silicone as possible by using manual methods then apply the silicone sealant remover. Leave the silicone remover for as long as it recommends in your particular instructions. Before application ensure you have tested a small inconspicuous area to ensure that the silicone remover does not damage the surface.

remove silicone

When the silicone remover has been left for the correct amount of time you can carefully remove it using a plastic scraper. You should find that the silicone is no longer bonding to any of the surfaces and that it can easily be scraped away.

removed silicone

Here you can see that the silicone is no longer bonded to any surface and the silicone can easily be removed. Once all the silicone has been removed thoroughly clean the area and allow to dry fully before re-applying new silicone. How to apply new silicone can be seen here- silicone sealant