Sometimes you need to know if a floor is level before you start work in that room, for example if you were fitting some flooring and you wanted it to be as level as possible. You can check the level of a room very accurately using a laser level and a suitable staff such as a spirit level or a straight piece of wood. You can also use a similar method by drawing a completely level line around the perimeter of the room then measure down to the floor using a suitable staff or measure. Here we will be using the laser level and a spirit level as a staff.

laser level line

Fix the laser level at a height that is about 6 inches lower than the top of the staff that you are using, then switch the laser level on so that it projects the beam around the room.

Ensure that the floor is clean and there is no debris.

laser level line check

You need to take measurements from several points. In a small room you can get an indication of the floor level by measuring close to each corner of the room. Stand the staff up straight (this is why a spirit level is good as you can check it is level using the in built in bubble) Using a pencil make a mark on the level where the laser beam is.

measure floor level

Now move to the next point in the room and check again. If the laser level is on the line that you just drew the floor is level at those two points. Move to the next point and take a measurement from there.

mark floor level

Here you can see that the first pencil line is about 10mm higher than the height of the laser beam, this means that the floor is higher in this corner.

When levelling a floor you find the highest point and then bring the rest of the floor up to this level using floor levelling screed.

How to level a concrete floor