In order to prevent accidents whilst using tools, it is essential that the correct personal protective equipment is used and PPE should be worn at every available opportunity.

For anyone that works in industry they will be all to familiar with PPE. I work on some sites that will have you removed from site if you are caught not wearing the recommended PPE (personal protective equipment)

Because hand tools are not powered (such as with a power tool) it is easy to underestimate how dangerous some tools can be, however there are a huge amount of accidents each year caused by sharp knives, chisels and hammers.



wear safety gloves- click to enlarge

Where ever possible cut resistant gloves should be worn, especially when using a sharp knife.

Hundreds of people each year use up valuable hospital resources by cutting themselves or other people accidentally when the knife slips.

Wear safety boots

Wear steel toe cap Boots or trainers when moving heavy items or working on vehicles, safety trainers are now extremely popular and offer valuable protection!

Wear safety glasses

Safety Glasses are a must when Chiselling or cutting ceramic tiles or glass, your eyes are easily damaged and should be protected. If working in really dusty conditions then goggles are preferred as they offer even more protection.

Wear safety gloves when using hand tools

Gloves come in very useful when Using a hammer, if you have ever hit your hand you will know that a pair of thick gloves can soften the blow.

Wear a dust mask in dusty conditions

Wear a dust mask in dusty conditions, respiratory problems are often extremely uncomfortable.