Building a conservatory base is a job that is often undertaken by the enthusiastic DIYer, here is a tutorial to point you in the right direction-


Mark out footings

The first step is to Layout footings with string lines and profile boards.

Dig out footings

Then Dig the footings to required depth (at least 450mm).

set pins

Set pins in sides of the trench to indicate the top level of the concrete when poured.

concrete foundations

Pour concrete to required depth (at least 300mm) until it reaches the height of the pins inserted earlier.

lay blockwork

Lay the cavity block work.

Lay blockwork and bricks

Internal block work up to underside of block/beam height.

polythene ground cover

Cover over site with polythene to prevent weed growth.

block & beam floor

Then Install block & beam flooring.

block & beam floor

Then Grout blocks to lock the floor together.

conservatory base finished

This is the Base complete awaiting top side.

conservatory being built

This is the conservatory being built on the base

conservatory almost finished

This is the almost complete conservatory

Article written by Darrenba