Fixing the deck boards to the decking structure can be accomplished a few different ways. Decking clips are now available that are designed specifically for this purpose. I have seen a few different types of these and some are even available in plastic. Nailing the deck boards down is not really a suitable solution and therefore the deck boards should either be screwed down or fastened with decking clips.

Personally I would never use decking clips ever again as they were very difficult to use and it was very difficult to install warped boards using the clips. Screwing the boards down is much easier and will create a far more solid deck. Remember that you must leave a gap of between 5-10mm between the deck boards!


deck board double joist

As mentioned in previous pages if you intend joining the deck boards you will need to ensure that two joists are run side by side to be able to accommodate the screws for the boards.

deck board joint

You can see from this picture that in order to get the screws for the deck boards in the correct position you need two joists.

If you try and join the deck boards on one joist the deck boards will split because the screws will be too close to the end!

deck clip

There are quite a few different types of decking clip available, which are supposed to make installation easier!

The clips do make it easier to get the required gap between the boards, but that is about it. The decking clips for the deck that we built in the decking section cost approx £80.00. The decking clips that fasten to the side of the joist can cause problems if noggins are installed and may require a saw cut to enable the clip to be positioned.

Decking screws would of cost a lot less than this and would of been much easier to install. You cannot use the clips on all of the boards as the first and last boards of the deck require screwing down as you cannot use clips here.

stainless steel screw

Screws are the preferred method of fixing the deck boards to the decking structure. You can use either stainless steel screws or steel screws that have been specially coated. Stainless steel screws are difficult to remove and often the head will snap off when you try to remove them and so the coated steel decking screws are probably the best option.

Fix the boards by using two screws per joist and ensure that the boards are pre drilled to prevent the boards from splitting.

deck first board

It makes sense to start the deck boards where the deck can be seen the most as you can then start with a full board and finish off with a cut board in the corner. Here the first board has been cut to go around the newel posts and has been screwed down so that it overhangs the deck by the depth of one board.

deck board

Now the first board has been fastened and the newel posts are fixed this covering board can be screwed to the side joist. The boards can now be fastened, leaving the cut board in the far corner where it will not be seen.