This is a decking project that I recently did at a friends house. Here you can see what is involved in building a deck that is attached to the property. This is merely to show how a deck is constructed.


proposed deck area

This is the back of the house where the proposed deck is going to be built. This is going to be a large deck as it will run the full width of the house (6.4 metres) and will extend out 3.1 metres and then step up and extend out a further 3.2 metres

clear away vegitation

Here the ground has been marked out and the earth has been removed to a suitable level. This amount of earth filled three skips and is back breaking work when done by hand.

The wooden posts are marking where to dig out for the decking posts.

fix ledger

The ledger is fixed to the property and is spaced away from the wall by using several stainless steel washers in order to prevent dampness.

install decking posts

Fix the decking posts and then cover the ground with landscaping fabric, this will prevent weeds from growing. Then pour gravel on top of the fabric to hold it in place.

The studs are now fixed between the ledger and the decking posts

install decking noggins

Noggins have been installed between the studs and the landscaping fabric is in place. The decking posts have been cut to length on the first deck and the studs for the second deck are being positioned and the post holes have been dug out.

studs and noggins

The studs and noggins for the second deck are now in place and the decking posts are cut to length.

The cut ends are also treated to prevent rot.

deck over landscaping fabric

This stud work is complete and the landscaping fabric has been covered with gravel.

There is roughly a 50mm (2 inch) gap between the floor and the deck to allow air to circulate.

deck newel post

The newel posts are being fixed on the inside of the first stud and so the posts are bolted and then the first two boards are fitted around the posts.

deck newel posts

The rest of the newel posts are fixed in position and the boards are fixed using decking clips. The stud that is exposed will be covered by decking boards and the first board is positioned so that it will overlap the side decking boards when fixed.


This is the deck that is almost complete, there is just one more decking board to be fixed at the end of the deck.