Decking patterns will determine what type of decking frame you build. Basic horizontal decking patterns are relatively simple but the picture frame deck can be complex and will require thinking out and planning properly.

Standard decking frame

standard deck frame

This is a standard decking frame that is suitable for horizontal patterns or diagonal patterns. For a raised deck this would be constructed from 150mm*50mm treated timber and would be supported on decking posts. For ground level decks 80mm*80mm bearers can be used.

Standard or horizontal decking pattern

standard deck pattern

This is the standard or horizontal decking pattern, this is the easiest of all patterns to achieve.

Diagonal decking pattern

diaganol deck pattern

The diagonal decking pattern also uses a standard deck frame. You can run into problems doing this pattern if you use certain types of decking clips as they fasten to the side of the joist!

Some people recommend running the joists at the opposite angle to the boards, but this makes fastening the joists difficult and is not really necessary.

Double joist deck frame

double joists

If you are going to butt the short edge of the boards together then it will be necessary to install two joists next to each other as you cannot successfully join the boards on one joist.

Brick pattern decking

brick pattern deck

Here you can see that the boards meet where the double joists are. This is necessary to get a good fixing into the joists. If you try and join the boards on a single joist it is likely that the screws will be too close to the cut end and the boards will split.

Picture frame deck frame Chevron decking pattern or Herringbone decking pattern

herringbone pattern deck

The chevron or herringbone decking pattern also requires the use of two joists where the decking boards meet.

Picture frame deck frame

picture frame pattern deck frame

This is probably the most difficult of decking frames to build and is used where a picture frame effect decking pattern is required.

Picture frame decking pattern

picture frame pattern deck

This is the picture frame decking pattern and requires many accurate cuts.