This article shows how to install a towel radiator in place of a traditional radiator. Please see the following articles that should be read before this article- Remove a central heating radiator | Fix a towel radiator to a wall


towel radiator

This is the towel radiator before anything is fitted onto it.

This kind of radiator cannot be fitted to a direct heating system. You must read the instructions with your towel radiator carefully, this one requires an inhibitor to be added to the central heating system. There are 4 threaded holes, one in each corner of the radiator.

The bottom two holes will have radiator tails screwed into them and then valves attached and the top two holes will have a bleed valve and a blank screwed into them. Some Towel radiators only have three holes, if this is the case ensure that you fit it the correct way up!

chrome radiator valve

This is one of the radiator valves and radiator tail. The tail is wrapped with ptfe tape and then is screwed into the radiator. The valve is then screwed onto the radiator tail. These valves are normally sold in pairs and are identical, you should designate one valve as the lockshield valve and one as the wheelhead valve.

Towel radiator hole

Here is one of the holes on the radiator, the top two holes are taken up by the bleed screw and a blank and the bottom two holes have radiator tails and valves fitted.

Blanking nut

The blanking nut can be screwed directly into the radiator as they are fitted with special O rings to seal them, no PTFE tape is necessary on these fittings. Tighten these fittings up using a spanner in a clockwise direction.

Bleed screw

Repeat the above for the bleed screw.

radiator tail- ptfe tape

This is one of the radiator tails that will be screwed into the bottom of the radiator in order to take the valves. Wrap the thread of the tail with approximately 10 winds of PTFE tape and then screw it into the hole in a clockwise direction.

radiator tail key

You will need a radiator spanner to tighten up the radiator tails. This is like a large Allen key and fits into the tail, tighten this well in a clockwise direction.

radiator valve

You can now screw the radiator valve onto the radiator tail. You can have the valve handles pointing inwards or outwards as it does not really matter . Here we are having the valve handles pointing outwards.

protect chrome valve from damage

When tightening the valve nuts it is a good idea to grip the valves with some water pump pliers to prevent the valves from moving, you can use some cloth to prevent the jaws from damaging the chrome plate.

Hold the valve still with the water pump pliers whilst tightening the valve nuts.

fit chrome screw

When the radiator is fitted you can then fit the valve handles, these push onto a splined shaft on the valve and are held in place with a large chrome screw.

Installed towel radiator

This is the finished towel radiator