How to remove a brick from a wall

Removing a brick from a wall is sometimes necessary for several reasons, you may wish to remove a brick to check the cavity or you may wish to clean the cavity. Here are two methods of removing a brick from a wall. Which ever method you choose you will need to wear the correct PPE for both tasks so eye protection and hand protection is required.

remove brick using drill

You can easily remove a brick using a drill ( SDS drills are preferred ) by stitch drilling around the brick that you want to remove. Ensure that the drill is on hammer action and that you only drill out the mortar surrounding the brick.

remove brick using sds drill

Start by drilling one hole completely through the mortar course, then drill another hole alongside and keep repeating the process until the brick is surrounded by holes. Now switch the hammer action off and continue drilling but move the drill from side to side and this will remove any mortar that is between the holes that you drilled. Removing a brick this way is good because it does not cause a lot of vibration like you get when using a hammer and chisel.

remove brick using bolster chisel

A bolster chisel and hammer can be used to remove a brick, although this method is best only used if the existing brick is loose as it causes a lot of shock and vibration that can loosen other bricks. Use the chisel and hammer to cut through the mortar surrounding the brick.

You must ensure that you get most of the mortar out, this can be done by inserting the chisel and applying sideways movement. When enough mortar has been loosened you will be able to remove the brick.

When it comes to replacing the brick please see the installing an air brick page as this has instructions on how to replace a brick/airbrick.