Rapid setting cement

Rapid setting cement can be extremely useful, it is more expensive than a traditional mortar mix but it cures much faster and can be used in areas where normal sand and cement cannot be used. Rapid setting cement is often called quick drying cement and is specially formulated so that it can just be mixed with clean cold water. Rapid setting cement is normally sold in buckets where you can just remove the lid, add water and start mixing. You can use the cement for patch repairs which need to be dry in a matter of minutes or you can use it for quick fixing of sanitary ware, the added advantage of this cement that when dry it is fully waterproof!


rapid setting cement

This particular brand of rapid setting cement is made by evo stick. This rapid setting cement has a setting time of approximately 20 minutes which means that you have to work extremely fast or the cement will set before it is in position.

Always read the instructions on the tub before starting your project.

rapid setting cement in bucket

Here you can see that the rapid setting cement looks like regular cement, but if you were to mix regular cement with water and no sand the cement would be very brittle and would crack. This rapid setting cement can be mixed simply by pouring water in the bucket and mixing it. Most cement is an alkali and so it is best if it does not come into contact with your skin, so a pair of suitable gloves and safety glasses are recommended.

Mix rapid setting cement

Because the cement sets so quickly it is not a good idea to mix the full tub of cement unless you have a large area to cover and you can get it in position within 10 minutes. You do not have much working time with this product especially on a warm day so if you cannot get the cement in position within 10 minutes it is advisable to use small mixes rather than one large mix which could be spoilt.

Ensure you mix the cement exactly as recommended by the manufacturers.

apply rapid setting cement

Here the rapid setting cement is being used to fix an air brick in position. You have to be quick when doing a job like this with rapid setting mortar! Make certain that you get the cement in position quickly as it is curing all the time and if you are too slow you will be left with a mix that you cannot use.

When patch repairing areas or re-pointing small areas this rapid cement can make the job much easier and save a lot of time.

Be sure to clean your trowel after application as it can be difficult to remove once hardened.