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Electrics in the home can be very complex to people that do not work on electrics on a regular basis. Before starting any work it is essential that you know what you are doing and that you know how to isolate the circuit correctly before working on it and you must also follow any applicable rules and building regulations. Please ensure that you know 100% what you are doing before even considering doing any electrical work yourself and if in doubt consult a qualified electrician.


All electrical pages are for information only! New rules have been introduced for electrical safety in the home, please read this document by clicking here, before starting any electrical work






Safe isolation

Safe isolation procedures


Light fitting

Light fitting

Here is the light fitting page where you will find out how to change a light fitting, learn about different types of light wiring as well as two and three way lighting arrangements. How to change light switches is also in here.



Electrical safety


Electrical Safety

Safety should be your main priority when doing any DIY
task but especially when working with electricity as the results could be



A brief introduction to where electricity comes from
and how it is distributed.



Earthing and bonding


Earthing and Bonding

Electrical safety is of paramount importance. Ensure
you have an adequate Earthing and bonding system Installed.

Socket heights

Socket and switch heights

Here are the recommendations for the heights of
sockets and switches in new houses.

Height of sockets in a Habitable rooms

Height of sockets in a Kitchen



Electrical Glossary

Electrical Glossary

A concise list of electrical abbreviations.


Consumer units

Consumer units.

Learn about Consumer units and fuse boxes in here.



How to strip electrical cable

How to cut and strip cable

Step by step instructions on how to cut and strip
domestic cable


How to wire a plug

How to wire a plug

How to wire a three pin domestic appliance plug.



Cooker circuits

Electric cooker circuits

Electric cookers normally require their own dedicated
radial circuit and cooker control unit.




This page looks at a few different types of fuses and also shows the correct Amperage ratings for the different fuses.



New wiring colours

New Harmonised wiring colours

After having Live red wires and Black Neutral wires
for the last 50 years the government has decided to change the colours from
black to blue and from red to brown. This page has the new colours and also
includes three Phase electricity.


Does your house need re-wiring?

Does your house need re-wiring?

Is the wiring in your home safe? by reading this you
should be able to determine if the wiring in your home is safe or if it
needs replacing!



Fuse testing


Testing a consumer unit fuse

If you suspect a fuse has blown in the fuse box or
consumer unit this will show you how to safely test it.

Testing an appliance fuse

Electrical appliance fuse testing

Testing the fuse in a common household plug.



Installing a shower

Installing an electric shower

on how to fit a electric shower from the electrics to the plumbing


Routing cables

Routing Cables

This page covers where wires can be run under floors
and in walls, including the permitted zones



Final ring circuits


Ring Mains

Sockets are normally wired on ring mains, here are the diagrams and drawings

Fitting a backbox

How to fit an electrical accessory back box

How to fit a metal back box, dry lining back box or
surface mounted patress.



Kitchen extractor

Wiring A Kitchen extractor fan

Wiring diagrams and instructions for extractor fans.


Damaged socket

Replacing a damaged socket

Instructions on replacing a broken or damaged socket



Electric oven

Replacing an Electric oven

How to replace or fit an electric oven

Armoured cable

Armoured cable and Glands

How to cut, strip and terminate armoured cable using


Cable thickness


Domestic Cable

Which thickness of cable to use for which circuit


Cutting machine screws

Machine Screw Cutting

How to easily cut a electrical screw to length without
damaging the thread


Crimp connectors

Crimp Terminals

A look at crimp terminals and how to use them to join
stranded wire


Underfloor heating

Under Floor heating

How to install electric under floor heating beneath a tiled floor.


replacing a room stat

How to replace a room stat.

This is a step by step guide on how to replace a mechanical room thermostat with a digital programmable room stat


How to wire a shower extractor fan

Extractor fan wiring

How to wire a bathroom of shower extractor fan








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