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Outside tap cover | prevent pipes from freezing


This quick video shows an outside tap cover, these are a great idea and can prevent your outside tap from freezing. Frozen taps and pipes can cause much bigger problems, especially if the pipe splits!

Luckily these are very inexpensive and widely available. This could be the best £4 you ever spend.

How to fit an outside tap will be covered in another video (it still needs editing)

I saw these in my local B&Q for £4 but could not find them on their web although their search function is useless!

There are other types available, but they do not seem as good as the one in this video.

Here are links which might help-

Toolstation- https://fave.co/3ERVv35
eBay- https://fave.co/3o69Bbo
Wickes- https://fave.co/3AFwCFs
Screwfix (different type) https://fave.co/3COuMCZ
B&Q (different type) https://fave.co/2XUga5W

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