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How to use wall plugs | wall plug tips


Wall plugs are one of the most commonly used fixings for solid walls. Wall plugs often called rawl plugs can be used to fix items to brick, stone and concrete. However wall plugs do not work too well in aerated concrete and so it’s better if you can use another fixing such as Dewalt Gasbeton- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YwAMQcbJS0U

Wall plugs come in several different sizes and are often colour coded, the wall plugs used in this video are-

Blue- 10mm diameter drill bit. Screw size 14/16/18
Brown – 7mm diameter drill bit. Screw size 10/12/14
Red – 5.5mm-6mm diameter drill bit. Screw size 6/8/10
Yellow 5mm diameter drill bit. Screw size 4-10

When using wall plugs it’s essential to use the correct size drill bit but you can still make them work using the tricks shown in this video.

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how to use wall plugs, wall plugs
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