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How to use push fit pipe | JG speedfit


In this video I demonstrate how to cut and join plastic push fit pipe, the pipe used is John Guest speedfit pipe and JG speedfit fittings. PEX barrier pipe is now very common and many plumbers will only install this type of pipe unless copper pipe is specified by the home owner. There are lots of advantages to using PEX barrier pipe and fittings and some manufacturers now guarantee the pipe and fittings for 25 years.

I know this video was uploaded on the 1st April and some people think it is an April fools video, I can only think that is because I said that you should not use one manufacturers fittings with another manufacturers pipe. Here is why I said that-

Page two of the manual says "Speedfit Fittings are suitable for both copper and Speedfit Pipe"
It does not mention other makes of PEX pipe!
Also on the Hep20 FAQ page here it states that Hep20 fittings cannot be guaranteed with JG fittings or pipe-
Copied and pasted" Are Hep2O fittings compatible with the JG Speedfit system pipework? We cannot guarantee that all push-fit plumbing brands are made to the same standards for the internal diameter, so we cannot say that Hep2O fittings are compatible with JG Speedfit pipework. We always recommend that you to use Hep2O push-fit plumbing pipe with Hep2O fittings."

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