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How to paint a garage door using the Wagner Flexio sprayer


In this video I spray two garage doors using a Wagner Flexio 590 sprayer and Zinsser Perma-white exterior paint. It is well worth using a sprayer as the quality of finish is absolutely superb, I know it can be time consuming masking everything off but the end result is well worth the effort. If you missed what products I used in the video I will list them here along with a link to the product on ebay-
Zinsser Universal degreaser and cleaner- https://fave.co/2DUFDjS
Zinsser B.I.N - https://fave.co/2qByfBY
Zinsser 123- https://fave.co/2qNOYlP
Zinsser Perma-white - https://fave.co/2HsCXeZ
Wagner Flexio 590- https://fave.co/2EQNmMp

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