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How to make a Perspex birthday gift


This 50th birthday gift is made from Perspex and weighs about 6Lbs, this took over two days to make and it was a last minute job and so I didn’t speak much during the making of the item. I’m not keen on narrating a voce over afterwards so I have just included some of the footage- which has been edited down from 2.6 hours’ worth of footage. I made this gift for a friend that used to work in the factory that makes the Perspex, so this is a sentimental gift. If you have any questions please ask in the comments below. The gift was made from-
The numbers are 12mm thick frost effect fluorescent green 6T66 , the plinth is made from top to bottom-

10mm thick black 962
12mm fluorescent frost green 6T66
10mm thick clear 000
12mm thick frost 4T50
8mm thick 030
3mm thick fluorescent blue 7T97

The whole thing was glued together using Tensol cement.

You can see more pictures of it here- http://www.ultimatehandyman.co.uk/forum1/perspex-50th-birthday-present-t82688.html

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