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How to drill out a broken tap | drill out a broken screw extractor


In this video I drill out a broken tap using a JCB diamondtech holesaw. Drilling out a broken tap or drilling out a broken screw extractor is often very difficult and most people would get the broken tap or broken screw extractor spark eroded. There are not many drill bits that will drill HSS taps or screw extractors as they are harder than most drill bits, but the JCB Diamondtech holesaws slowly remove the hard steel. The Diamond Tech holesaw cost £17.50 from Toolstation (I’m not on commission) https://www.toolstation.com/shop/Power+Tool+Accessories/d80/Holesaws/sd1530/JCB+Industrial+Diamond+Tech+Tile+Holesaw/p16542

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drill out a broken tap
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