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Evolution Rage 5-S table saw review


This Rage 5-S table saw was kindly sent to me by Evolution power tools for me to be able to complete some projects, so here is the review of it. I did have the Evolution Fury 5 before this table saw but it often got in my way (despite installing wheels on to the base), it just took up too much room in my garage. The Rage 5-S is easy to stow away in the corner of the garage and so it is perfect for what I need. The Rage 5 is an awesome machine and I really like using it, the dust extraction is superb and the sliding carriage makes cutting straight pieces very easy indeed. I did buy another blade for this machine as I often cut a lot of acrylic for small projects around the home, the blade was bought from a seller on Amazon and has 120 TCT teeth which gives an excellent cut.

Here are a few links to help-
Rage 5-s for sale on ebay- http://fave.co/2rwuuzY
Rage 5-s for sale on Amazon http://fave.co/2rwpdIw

This is the 210 teeth blade that I use on acrylic- http://fave.co/2rwAngH

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