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Dewalt wall dogs | screw anchors


Dewalt wall dogs are an all steel, tension free, one piece threaded fastener that is suitable for use in most substrates including concrete, stone, brick, plasterboard and timber. When using the dewalt wall dogs in concrete, brick or masonry it is a good idea to drill a test hole to ensure you drill the correct diameter hole for the wall dogs to work correctly. In most instances when fixing to masonry you will need to drill a 4mm diameter hole. These fixings can be used to fix items that are 3mm or less in thickness. They are very quick and easy to use and leave you with a non-combustible fixing. The Dewalt wall dogs are available in countersunk, pan head, countersunk white head and pan head white.

Currently the Dewalt wall dogs are available as follows-
DFM424015P- Wall-dog countersunk head- chrome
DFM424000P- Wall dog countersunk head- White head
DFM425005P – Wall dog pan head- chrome
DFM425000P – Wall dog pan head – white head

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dewalt wall dogs
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