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Tool videos

Tools are as necessary to a man as handbags are to women, you simply cannot have enough tools!

This section shows how to use some basic tools and also describes what some more obscure and less well known tools are used for.


  • 02:24 Popular Slogging spanner | slammer wrench

    Slogging spanner | slammer wrench

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    Slogging spanners are ideal for tightening or undoing very tight fasteners. There are not many fasteners that a slogging spanner will not undo!

  • 01:36 Popular Using a chalk line

    Using a chalk line

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    Chalk Lines can be purchased for less than £5 and can make marking out much easier, just hook the chalk line over a screw head, pull the line tight and then snap the chalk line down. This will leave a straight chalk line for you to follow.

  • 04:11 Popular Speedtaps | tapping holes with an impact wrench!

    Speedtaps | tapping holes with an impact wrench!

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    Speedtaps are a very fast way to tap drilled holes. The speedtaps are made from M2 steel and nitrate coated to make them extremely tough. The hexagonal heads on the speedtaps correspond with the head on the bolt so you use the same socket for the speedtap

  • 05:53 Popular SDS drills explained

    SDS drills explained

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    SDS drills are the ideal drill for drilling concrete or masonry. These drills come in both corded and cordless versions, with some of the cordless machines having almost the same power as the smaller corded versions. SDS drills are available from 12v cord

  • 04:57 Popular Grinder safety

    Grinder safety

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    Some important safety considerations before using an angle grinder or cut off saw

  • 01:58 Popular Two spanner trick | wrench extender

    Two spanner trick | wrench extender

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    Using two spanners doubled up is not a good idea, a dedicated wrench extender is a much safer option.

  • 01:53 Popular How to use a bell punch

    How to use a bell punch

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    A bell punch is designed for centre punching the exact centre of a round bar. This inexpensive tool is very useful and is often called a bell centre punch. Marking the exact centre of a round bar has never been so easy !

  • 01:13 Popular How to use a Weir cup to measure water flow

    How to use a Weir cup to measure water flow

    by Admin Added 1,769 Views / 0 Likes

    A weir cup is a quick and useful way of measuring water flow, this video shows how to use one to measure the flow of water in a domestic property.

  • 01:58 Popular Angle grinder to shape wood

    Angle grinder to shape wood

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    Wood can easily and quickly be shaped with an angle grinder using a flexible sanding pad and abrasive disc. In this video I scallop a piece of wood using this technique. This is also a fast and efficient way of removing excess timber, or rounding off shar

  • 05:40 Popular Spirit level tutorial

    Spirit level tutorial

    by Admin Added 1,340 Views / 0 Likes

    A spirit level is very useful when doing a wide variety of DIY projects from wallpapering to installing decking. This video shows how to use a spirit level in normal use and also how to use a level to calculate a fall when installing decking.

  • 04:12 Popular Cutting steel channel with the Rage 3S

    Cutting steel channel with the Rage 3S

    by Admin Added 462 Views / 0 Likes

    The Evolution Rage 3s 210mm has a maximum metal cutting capacity of 6mm, but in this demonstration I cut through a piece of steel channel that measures 200mm by 100mm and is roughly 10mm thick in places. It’s not recommended to cut such large pieces

  • 02:31 Popular How to use hinge drills

    How to use hinge drills

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    Hinge drills or hinge siting drills are a very useful drill for ensuring that the screw pilot hole is drilled in the dead centre of the hinge fixing hole. Please ensure that you do not buy a cheap set of these as they will not work as well as a decent qua

  • 02:33 Popular Pipe squeeze off tool

    Pipe squeeze off tool

    by Admin Added 1,339 Views / 0 Likes

    Pipe squeeze off tools are used by water and utility companies to squeeze the incoming water supply pipe closed when changing the main stop cock to the property. Smaller versions are also available for squeezing the flexible brake pipes on vehicles when r