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Acrylic videos

This section contains videos showing how to cut, shape and polish Acrylic.

For all projects we have used Perspex/Lucite. Working with Perspex is similar to working with Aluminium.

Perspex has the advantage that it never needs painting and often comes with a 10 year guarantee.

The videos below demonstrate how to cut acrylic using basic power tools, but they also show how to use line bending techniques and even glue acrylic using Tensol cement.

  • 07:09 Popular How to polish perspex

    How to polish perspex

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    perspex, lucite or plexiglas can often bepolished sucessfully using this method. This method is the only method that can be used on acrylic sheet that has a frosted or non reflective finish as flame polishing is not suitable.

  • 04:04 Popular How to make perspex toolbox dividers

    How to make perspex toolbox dividers

    by Admin Added 470 Views / 0 Likes

    In this video I make some acrylic toolbox drawer dividers using some colourful 3mm thick Perspex, this is a relatively easy job to do as the Perspex can be cut using a circular saw, then bent using a line bending machine. How to make a line bending machin

  • 11:54 Popular How to make a line bending machine

    How to make a line bending machine

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    A line bender is a useful addition to any workshop where acrylic is being used to fabricate components. Line bending machines are not cheap but in this tutorial we are going to make a DIY line bender. To make the line bender you will need some suitable sh