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Evolution EVO system | Engine, generator, pump and pressure washer


The Evolution EVO system is a brilliant idea allowing you to use the petrol driven engine, either the Evo engine http://fave.co/2lj6IRY or the slightly more expensive Mitsubishi engine (approx. £150 more expensive) to power one of the three outputs. At the moment the three available outputs are-
1. 2.4KW Generator which can accept 110V or 230V devices http://fave.co/2ljbsqI
2. Pressure washer http://fave.co/2l8Ik76
3. Dirty water Pump http://fave.co/2lj4GBf
Obviously my favourite output at the moment is the dirty water pump as it can move a staggering 1000L per minute. There are also more outputs in development which should be available soon.

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