Here we are going to be erecting a fence between a brick built garage and the next door neighbours fence to make the garden area more private. This fence will be subject to a lot of force from the wind as it is in a open area.


proposed fence

This fence will only be spanning about 8 feet and one side will be attached to the neighbours fence, we have already dug two holes for the fence posts. The holes are about 2 feet deep and will be filled with some hardcore and then some post fix on top. As we are joining to the neighbours fence it is easy to keep the posts upright as we will simply screw a batten from the neighbours fence to support the two fence posts until the post fix has gone hard.

dig holes

We have levelled the posts and screwed a batten across the two posts and attached this to the neighbours fence. The holes have been half filled with hardcore and some gravel that was left from a previous project.

spirit level post

Ensure the posts are level and then fill the hole with post fix.

post in hole

Here we have screwed some screws into the wood so that the post fix will bond to the screws and ensure that the posts cannot be removed.

post fix

Pour the correct amount of water over the post fix and leave it to set for as long as possible.

post supports

Here you can see the supporting batten which is holding the two posts until the post fix has set, you can of course use concrete for this but post fix is far easier.

fix battens

Here we have screwed two more battens (4 inch by 2 inch) across the fencing posts and have used 4 inch screws.

fix boards

A cordless drill driver was used to screw all of the fence panels to the horizontal battens with stainless steel screws so that they will not rust.

wood fence

The finished fence