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If a piece of glass is scratched it is possible to remove the scratch in most cases. A scratch in a car windscreen can be very annoying. Never try and use any form of abrasive paper or abrasive household cleaner as this will leave a ugly opaque patch, which will look worse than the scratch did!

If the scratch is deep then you will probably be better off filling the scratch with a resin that has the same refractive index as glass, these are available from most car accessory shops.



A scratch that is not too deep can be polished out with a very fine abrasive and a polishing wheel. The best abrasive polish to use is cerium oxide, this is a extremely fine polish and is used by Jewellers to polish stones. A polishing wheel fitted into a power drill set on a low speed ( less than 1500 rpm) and some cerium oxide should remove the scratch with little effort. You should be aware that trying to polish out a scratch can in some cases leave a shiny patch that is more noticeable then the scratch was itself. Polishing out a scratch works well on a watch face as the whole face can be polished but on a large window or windscreen it could leave a shiny patch!

Glass polishing wheel Cerium oxide
Polishing wheel Cerium oxide








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