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Gyproc Easi-fill | Gyproc Easi filler


Gyproc Easi-fill was originally made for filling the joints between sheets of plasterboard or drywall once they had been fixed to the wall using the direct bond method. I know decorators that have been using it as a filler for years and now Gyproc have realised this and have brought out a dedicated filling product called Gyproc easi filler, which is available as a powder that you mix yourself or is available in ready mixed tubs. Mixing the Easi-fill cannot be easier, just put a little cold, clean water in a container and add some easi-fill and then mix it together. Easi-fill is easy to mix, easy to apply and easy to sand afterwards. Basically Easi-fill is a superb filler that really makes filling cracks, holes and minor wall damage a piece of cake!

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Gyproc Easi-fill
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