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Woodworking videos

Woodworking how to videos


This section has videos showing how to work with wood. Many people prefer working with wood as it is much warmer and easier to work than metal. The videos in this section will show how to cut, join and finish wood including MDF

  • 12:02 Popular Installing a stud ceiling

    Installing a stud ceiling

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    How to create a false ceiling using 3*2 timber

  • 01:49 Popular Lubricate wood screws

    Lubricate wood screws

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    When driving wood screws you can reduce friction and make the screws drive in much faster if you lubricate the screws first

  • 15:26 Popular Making a fence panel

    Making a fence panel

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    Making a fence panel can be an enjoyable DIY job, here we make a 6 foot panel from feather edge boards

  • 09:47 Popular Overhead garage rack

    Overhead garage rack

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    This video shows how to make useful rack or hanger that fits in the roof space above a garage door, this space is often wasted and can be easily utilised using this method. To make these hangers 3*2 timber was used, which was joined using biscuit joints r

  • 02:52 Popular Pack drilling several identical items

    Pack drilling several identical items

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    Pack drilling is often used when several items need drilling in the same position. It is essential when pack drilling that the materials are clamped together as tightly as possible or else a piece of material in the middle of the pack could work loose and

  • 00:40 Popular Treating cut ends

    Treating cut ends

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    Timber cut ends can quickly soak up water, which rots the wood. By soaking the cut ends in wood preserver you can protect the timber for much longer

  • 01:45 Popular Wood super glue

    Wood super glue

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    Rapid setting glues for wood are now available, these glues such as mitre-fix/mitre fast are extremely useful when you need to glue two pieces of timber together whilst nails or screws are driven in to the wood