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Plumbing Videos

This section shows a selection of plumbing videos that will help when doing DIY plumbing.

We have a wide variety of plumbing videos showing how to do the most basic of plumbing tasks such as unblocking a sink to how to bend and join copper pipe. Many of the plumbing tips in this section have been passed down from professional plumbers.

  • 02:37 Popular Push-Loc MDPE fittings

    Push-Loc MDPE fittings

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    Push-Loc by Melimatic is a range of push on brass fittings for use on MDPE pipe. These fittings are good quality and are easy to use, with the added advantage that they are much smaller than traditional push-fit fittings. These fittings also do not requir

  • 02:44 Popular How to bend copper tube

    How to bend copper tube

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    Coppertube can be bent with a dedicated tube bending machine or for simple bends you can use a pipe bending spring.

  • 04:26 Popular How to Solvent weld pipes

    How to Solvent weld pipes

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    Solvent weld pipes are common in many homes, they come in various sizes and once the joint is made they are normally very reliable. Here we join a piece of 32mm solvent weld waste pipe using solvent cement.

  • 06:41 Popular How to join Waste pipe

    How to join Waste pipe

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    Waste pipes typically come in 32mm and 40mm sizes for domestic properties, but 32mm solvent weld pipe and 32mm push fit pipe is not the same size and so people often get confused when trying to join the two together.

  • 06:00 Popular How to Solder copper pipe

    How to Solder copper pipe

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    How to solder copper pipe using solder ring fittings

  • 04:43 Popular Immersion heater element removal

    Immersion heater element removal

    by Admin Added 1,533 Views / 1 Likes

    In this video Razor demonstrates how to remove an immersion heater element from a copper cylinder.

  • 02:38 Popular How to replace a stop tap washer

    How to replace a stop tap washer

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    If your stop tap is passing ( the water is not isolated with the tap in the closed position ) you probably need to replace the washer. This can only be done when the incoming water can be isolated at a point before the faulty stop tap.

  • 06:08 Popular Disabled tap conversion

    Disabled tap conversion

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    How to convert standard taps to lever taps

  • 05:09 Popular Reseating a tap seat

    Reseating a tap seat

    by Admin Added 2,497 Views / 2 Likes

    How to reseat a tap using a tap reseating tool

  • 01:21 Popular Power Plumber

    Power Plumber

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    power plumber is a quick and easy way to unblock a sink or basin

  • 06:14 Popular Tap revivers

    Tap revivers

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    Tap revivers are a quick way to service an old tap

  • 11:34 Popular How to replace taps

    How to replace taps

    by Admin Added 3,349 Views / 1 Likes

    How to replace bason, sink or bath taps

  • 02:42 Popular Removing a seized tap head gear

    Removing a seized tap head gear

    by Admin Added 3,623 Views / 4 Likes

    How to remove a seized tap head gear

  • 01:54 Popular Cutting copper pipe using a pipe slice

    Cutting copper pipe using a pipe slice

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    How to cut and join copper pipe ready for making a joint

  • 01:23 Popular copper pushfit fittings | cuprofit

    copper pushfit fittings | cuprofit

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    Copper push fit fittings look just like normal copper fittings, here we connect two pipes using cuprofit connectors

  • 02:02 Popular How to connect flexi tails

    How to connect flexi tails

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    Flexi tails are now very common, here we show what the various types can be connected to