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Drilling videos

Drilling is one of the most common things done when doing DIY, for that reason a drill is one of the most widely used power tools in the world. This section has all the drilling videos you will ever need including videos on how to drill wood, metal, plastics and masonry.


  • 05:34 Popular Blacksmiths drills

    Blacksmiths drills

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    When drilling metal you are often restricted by the size of the drill’s chuck but by using reduced shank drill bits, often called Blacksmiths drill bits you can easily drill larger holes as long as your drill has sufficient power.

  • 07:12 Popular Drilling metal

    Drilling metal

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    Drilling metal is not too difficult as long as you use the correct equipment. Here we showhow to drill steel using a hand drill and HSS drill bit.

  • 04:00 Popular How to drill porcelain tiles

    How to drill porcelain tiles

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    Porcelain tiles are tough and difficult to drill. Here we show how to drill them

  • 04:40 Popular How to drill Acrylic

    How to drill Acrylic

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    Acrylic sheet such as Perspex, Lucite or Plexiglas can be drilled using drill bits that are designed for use on metal. A sharp metal drilling bit will easily break the acrylic when it exits the work piece and so a blunt drill bit is preferred, or the shar

  • 02:31 Popular How to use hinge drills

    How to use hinge drills

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    Hinge drills or hinge siting drills are a very useful drill for ensuring that the screw pilot hole is drilled in the dead centre of the hinge fixing hole. Please ensure that you do not buy a cheap set of these as they will not work as well as a decent qua

  • 07:12 Popular drill metal with a  pillar drill

    drill metal with a pillar drill

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    drill metal using a pillar drill