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Central Heating videos

Central heating can be complicated but the videos in this category are designed to help everyone with their central heating. From adding an expansion vessel to wiring in a wireless thermostat this section will have plenty of videos to help.

  • 01:57 Popular How to bleed a towel radiator

    How to bleed a towel radiator

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    how to bleed a towel radiator, this is often an easy task and is bled the same was a traditional radiator. It is important that the central heating is switched off before bleeding the radiator or else air can be sucked into the system.

  • 02:56 Popular Joining chrome pipe

    Joining chrome pipe

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    Chrome pipe can be difficult to join, this video explains why

  • 02:56 Popular How to check an expansion vessel

    How to check an expansion vessel

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    How to test an expansion vessel in a central heating system. If the expansion vessel is suspect it is a good idea to test it using this technique as it will identify a faulty expansion vessel.