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Acrylic videos

This section contains videos showing how to cut, shape and polish Acrylic.

For all projects we have used Perspex/Lucite. Working with Perspex is similar to working with Aluminium.

Perspex has the advantage that it never needs painting and often comes with a 10 year guarantee.

The videos below demonstrate how to cut acrylic using basic power tools, but they also show how to use line bending techniques and even glue acrylic using Tensol cement.

  • 06:34 Popular How to Tap acrylic

    How to Tap acrylic

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    Acrylic such as Perspex, Lucite or Plexiglas can be tapped so that it is possible to screw threaded screws directly into it. Although this method works well it is not a good solution if the item needs to be regularly assembled and disassembled, If your it

  • 06:21 Popular Perspex Coral shelf project

    Perspex Coral shelf project

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    Perspex coral is the ideal material for making a shelf, it is available in a wide variety of colours and is 10mm thick. This videos shows how to make a shelf using basic tools.

  • 01:33 Popular Perspex Memory

    Perspex Memory

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    Perspex and other cast acrylic is often described as having memory, this means that if you take a piece of Perspex which has been heated and bent into a shape it will retain that shape until the part is heated again. It will then revert back to the origin