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Plumbing and DIY plumbing is a very popular subject, below you will find plumbing articles that should help to answer a large majority of plumbing questions. If you cannot find the information you require please ask in the Plumbing Forum


Cost of employing a plumber according to united utilities






Tap section

In here you can find out how to fix some common problems with taps and how to fit them. Stop taps, outside taps and self cutting taps can also be found in here!





How to remove a basin, fit a basin waste fitting and fit a new basin.

Bending pipes Bending pipes



water inlet valves

Water inlet Valves

How to repair and fit water inlet valves or ball valves.


Isolating the water supply

How to locate and isolate the water supply to your property.



Emergency pipe repairs

How to fix a burst pipe quickly and easily.


  cutting pipe

Cutting Pipes

How to easily cut copper and plastic pipes.


joining pipes

Joining pipes

How to use several differnt types of joint including compression, push fit and solder joints.

  fit isolation valves How to fit an isolation valve


immersion heater element


How to change an immersion heater element.


  Fitting chrome pipe

Chrome pipe

How to cut bend and join chrome pipe easily.


fit a waste pipe


How to fit a waste pipe for a washing machine or dishwasher.


  toilet problems How to fix some of the common problems such
as a toilet that will not flush


fit toilet seat


How to fit or replace a toilet


  unblock toilet How to easily unblock a toilet or sink.


drain unblocking


How to unblock a drain using drain rods


  washing machine How to plumb in a dishwasher or washing machine


install a shower

Installing a shower

How to install an electric shower.


  silicone sealant

Silicone sealant

How to use silicone sealant to get that perfect finish.


sttop cock key


How to make a stop cock key


  thaw frozen pipes How to safely thaw frozen pipes


plastic pipe


Make plumbing easy by using plastic pipe.




how to remove a toilet

how to fit a new toilet


pressure reducing valve


How to install a pressure reducing valve


  toilet handle

How to replace a toilet lever



Lead pipe repair lead pipe repair   Replace a toilet syphon How to replace a toilet syphon


tRACE HEATING Trace heating    

Compression waste fitting

Solvent weld waste pipe

Push fit waste pipe

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