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Plastering is often attempted by the keen DIY 'er and often with decent results. Below you will find pages that should help when plastering walls and ceilings, although ceilings are a lot more difficult to learn how to plaster! It's always a good idea to practice plastering in an unseen area, such as under the stairs.




Plastering tools


Plastering Tools

Tools required for successful plastering.




A Brief look at plasterboard




Plaster Types


Plaster Types.

A look at the various different kinds of plaster available.


  Plaster Mixing

Mixing Plaster

How to mix plaster correctly.


Plaster skimming


Skimming a wall

How to plaster a wall with skimming plaster.


  Applying backing plaster

Plastering with backing plaster.

How to apply backing plaster such as Bonding plaster



tex Artexing

How to achieve some of the more easy artex patterns


  Removing artex

Artex removal

How to remove Artex or textured patterns


Plaster mouldings


Plaster Mouldings

A brief look at plaster mouldings


  How to cut plasterboard

Plaster board cutting

How to easily cut plasterboard


Direct bond method



Direct bond method

How to apply plasterboard with the direct bond method, often called dot & dab.


  closing a reveal

How to close a reveal.

Closing the gap around windows.


Fixing angle beading

Angle beading

How to fix angle beading to prevent corner damage.

  How to plasterboard a ceiling

How to plasterboard a ceiling


Taping Joints


Taping joints

How to use scrim to prevent joints from cracking


  Stud wall

Stud partition wall

How to make a stud partition wall from scratch


plaster repair


Repairing plasterboard

How to repair damage to plasterboard


  Repairing plaster

Patch repairing plaster

How to patch repair plaster


Repairing lath and plaster


Repairing a lath and plaster wall


  Painting new plaster

Painting new plaster

when to paint new plaster and which paint to use.


Plastering over artex


Plastering over Artex

Often artex removal is too difficult and plastering over it is the best option.


  Plasterboard foam

Plasterboard Foam

How to fix plasterboard using foam


Removing plaster Removing plaster      








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