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Part p of the building regulations originally came into effect on the 1st January 2005 but were later amended and came into effect again on the 6th April 2006.

Part p was a very unpopular addition to the building regulations and meant that thousands of people that had happily been doing DIY electrics for years now either had to employ an electrician that is part of an approved scheme or notify the local building control officer before some work commenced. Like it or not but part p is now part of the building regulations and if you choose to ignore it and do notifiable work without notifying first then you may have problems selling your property at a later date. Part p applies to fixed electrical installations in dwellings including gardens and blocks of flats.






To download the original version of the Part P publication please click here, this version is useful if you want to check the original part p document, but if you are looking for the current part p document, please download the copy to the right.

Original part p document



The latest copy of part p can be downloaded here, it is your responsibility to check that this is the most up to date version as the government may of issued a newer version.


Current part p document

Original part p document   current part p document













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