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Fixing the newel posts to the deck is not that difficult and they can be fastened on the inside of the deck or on the outside of the deck.


newel post outside deck

This deck has the handrails fixed on the outside of the deck. This means that each newel post needs rebating so that the handrail is positioned over the edge of the deck.

newel post inside deck

This deck has the handrails fitted on the inside of the deck and also has a newel post fixed to the property. In the descriptions below we are going to be fixing the posts to the inside of the deck.

newel post wall

Here is the starting point for the newel posts, the first one will be fastened to the property and so we need it almost flush to the wall apart from the 10mm gap that we need as all decks should not touch the property directly. You can see here that I have used two pieces of decking boards and a piece of base rail in order to get the position for the newel post, I also checked the height using the hand rail and the spindles as this determines at which height you set your newel posts.

mark cut out newel post

This is the post that is to be fixed to the property, the ledger is in the way of the post fitting square to the wall and so we need to rebate it, so that it fits flush with the wall -10mm.

You can see here that I have drawn two lines and scribbled on the wood, this is so that I know which bit needs removing from the post.

This technique will also be used if you are fastening the newel posts to the outside of the deck.

cut newel post

To rebate the newel post I am going to make three cuts with the circular saw and then one cut with the jigsaw.

cut out newel post

Here I am joining two of the cuts made with the circular saw as the circular saw blade is not quite big enough.

rebated newel post

This is the post after we have cut out the rebate. You can of course do this with a saw and a sharp chisel if you prefer.

fixnewel post

The newel post can now be screwed to the ledger using 100mm long screws.

drill newel post

The newel post can be fastened to the wall at the top. Drill a hole straight through the newel post and then mark the wall and drill the wall and use a suitable fixing to hold it to the wall. Here I have used a frame fixing.

fix newel post to wall

Here again, as with the ledger we have used some stainless steel washers in order to space the newel post 10mm away from the wall. Ensure that the newel posts are level before fixing them in position by using a spirit level.

deck hand rail

Here you can see that the newel posts have been bolted to the joist and that the deck boards have been cut out for the posts. The first decking board has been positioned so that it meets flush with a covering decking board that will be screwed to the joist to hide the bolt heads.

bolt newel post

Bolt the newel post to the joist using 180mm* M12 rustproof coach bolts. Use a washer and a nylock locking nut on the other side.

cover board

Here the covering deck board is in position and covers the joist and the bolt heads.