Servicing an Aga

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Servicing an Aga

Post by geordief » Fri Apr 19, 2019 3:28 pm

I just cleaned my Aga. As some will know , the paraffin is normally gravity fed into the burner under the main hotplate.

This burner has 4 concentric cylinders standing in circular grooves and between these cylinders are 2 circular wicks.

Now these wicks are not necessary to the functioning of the burner and their purpose is to facilitate relighting the stove.

This last occasion I forgot to replace these wicks but the stove was able to be relit owing to the vapour in the area.

I realize that this was not a clever thing to do but I would like to ask an expert whether I should go to the trouble of dismantling the burner again seeing as the flame seems perfect.

Should I just hold onto the wicks for now and just remember to put them (or other newer wicks) back the next time I service the Aga?

I am fairly confident that the burner will work equally well (if not better) in the meantime.

Edit : perhaps there was one wick left in which helped the ignition since I seem to recall there may have been 3 wicks (makes sense with 4 cylinders) and I can only see 2 that I did not put back....
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