Replacing a Strip of Lining Paper (2000)

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Replacing a Strip of Lining Paper (2000)

Post by Clemenza » Sat Mar 09, 2019 8:06 pm

I am in the process of replacing one piece of lining paper (Grade 2000) that has developed a tear due to hairline cracking where plasterboards are butted together and to which it was pasted. (See Photo) Fortunately, I have kept some of the original lining paper and of sufficient quantity for this task. Thus far, I have been able to remove the relevant piece from the wall cleanly in readiness for the replacement.

I am aware that lining paper expands when pasted, hence allowing each piece to soak before hanging. Indeed, when measured against the 'gap' the new roll is 8mm smaller in width. The query I have is how much does the lining paper actually expand when soaked with Solvite Heavy Duty Paste. By way of experiment, I saturated a 4” strip of paper (Width) with water and allowed it to soak. To my surprise, it expanded to 4mm beyond the width of the ‘gap’.

Whilst I am happy to trim the strip before pasting, soaking and hanging, I clearly do not want underestimate how much to take off. Indeed, I suspect it is better to take off too much rather than too little, as I can always centre the piece then fill the gaps after the first coat of matt emulsion has been applied.

Additionally, I am not sure if the 4” test strip of lining paper will act in the same way as would a full floor to ceiling drop, nor indeed if using Solvite Heavy Duty Paste rather than water (as per my experiment) will yield different results.

I would welcome any advice.

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Re: Replacing a Strip of Lining Paper (2000)

Post by OchAye » Sun Mar 10, 2019 1:33 am

:welcomeuhm: Clemenza

I cannot offer you any suggestions on the wallpapering questions - not my thing - but it sounds as you may end up with a small gap whatever you do, and in which case filler for the gap will be the answer. Nevertheless, the reason for posting is that the crack has been filled before and the repair has not lasted so it will crack again and damage the new lining paper.

Is the crack on a wall or a ceiling? More important if it is on a ceiling, would be to tape and fill the crack (and really the same applies if it is on a wall but...). That is rake out loose material, open the crack, put tape over it and use filler to fill the crack through the scrim tape. You have a choice of two tapes, standard plasterboard jointing scrim tape or Toupret calicot at a price but much thinner. The idea is to fill wider than the tape so you do not create an obvious bump where the tape+filler are. If the plaster boards joint over any timber, it may be worth screwing the plasterboards down along the crack (esp. on a ceiling) to stop them moving.

I am not very clear, way beyond my bedtime :?

PS. I suggest Toupret Filler for the jointing and if you have to fill any gaps in the paper joints (I got no shares in the company).
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Re: Replacing a Strip of Lining Paper (2000)

Post by Have Brush Will Travel » Wed Mar 13, 2019 12:03 am

Remove the single sheet, sort the crack out first and fill it, then sand smooth, replace the sheet, if there is a gap you can fill it and sand it back flush

Then I would cross line the wall with wallrock smooth lining paper as you may have further issues if there is movement in the wall
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