Electric course to wire a house

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Re: Electric course to wire a house

Post by Job and Knock » Mon Jan 21, 2019 12:35 pm

Locornwall wrote:A colleague decided to become an electrician because he got a quote which was higher for him to train and buy the tools and equipment required. Your thoughts?
The quote must have been in orbit!

As I understand it electricians need to get quite a few certificates in order to become qualified. They normally work as an apprentice whilst they are doing their basic qualifications - this in order to get real-life experience of doing the job whilst being mentored/supervised, something which you cannot get from just doing a classroom course (and other trades are much the same). To move on to being a qualified inspector normally takes a few years experience as a working electrician, and yet more training.

Unless it has changed in recent years the NAPIT Part P certification is not designed to replace or side-step this process. In point of fact the scope of works you are permitted to do under this is generally limited to works such as installing an extra radial supply (to an existing CU) or extending ring mains, but does allow you self-certify such works as a Competent Person. One of the original "target markets" for NAPIT Part-P coursers was guys doing kitchen fitting who in the course of their job might need to add a few extra sockets, etc. I'm pretty sure that it wouldn't allow you to do a full house rewire, complete with a new CU, but maybe I've misunderstood. In any case a week's training is hardly going to replace a 3 year apprenticeship and maybe 2 further years as a journeyman. I'd suggest asking NAPIT themselves what the Part P training actually permits you to do
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Re: Electric course to wire a house

Post by Dave54 » Mon Jan 21, 2019 12:53 pm

And of course you need test equipment with a current calibration certificate.
That adds to the cost.
I'm a time served sparks, although I'm well out of date I could (I suppose) fairly easily "catch up" on the technical bits.
I won't bother.
This place will need a rewire sometime. I'll get the sparks I've used in the past to do it.
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Re: Electric course to wire a house

Post by Bob225 » Mon Jan 21, 2019 1:51 pm

My brother is time served sparky, he is also NICEIC and I know the amount of paperwork he has to go through (well its all digital these days) just one of his fluke meters is over a grand on its own let alone all the other tools

I know my brother will not certify someone else's work as its more hassle than its worth at the end of the day his liable for the work certified what has to be 100% correct, Not for the first time he has to rip out and redo a full rewire that some has "£$£ up as it was easier than correcting the issues
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Re: Electric course to wire a house

Post by Locornwall » Mon Jan 21, 2019 2:40 pm

Big thanks for all the comments.

I think I’ve just opened a can of worms.

Eric Mark I’d be more than happy paying £2500 or even a bit more than that. I’m sceptical I’d find a sparky who would do what I’m looking for that though.
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Re: Electric course to wire a house

Post by OnlyMe » Mon Jan 21, 2019 5:52 pm

Locornwall wrote:Sorry, I don’t understand. I’m not an electrician, obviously and do not fully understand the processes of getting electrical work certified and the options. Please elaborate.
https://www.electriciansblog.co.uk/2014 ... rs-update/

may help.

Although if you can find a Part P sparky who is prepared to let you do all the hard work then it might be better to use him.
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Re: Electric course to wire a house

Post by ericmark » Tue Jan 22, 2019 12:55 am

There were some bits that did not need rewiring and only had minimum done so if required I could rent the house.

I did have a time limit as well, it was being debated if mother would come home or not, she did come home and since the rewire I have added stuff.

Paperwork is a problem, reading it one can't really work out who did what, had I not intended to rent I may have DIY the work, but wanted it A1 and having an installation certificate signed by the owner does not look good.
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