New Roofline questions - please

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New Roofline questions - please

Post by sh4d0w » Mon Dec 31, 2018 5:15 pm

Hi Guys,

I am hoping for some help and guidance on a project ill be starting next weekend.

I am going to replace my Fascia, Soffit, Gutters, Barge Boards and Down-pipes.

First hurdle - agreeing on color - i want to keep with the traditional all white with black gutter and down pipe but the missus wants all black (I bet she does!). We live in a Semi and next door have just had Anglian out do theirs (what a state!) but they are all white and looks a bit clinical.

Question time, Historically when i was in the game, it was rip timber down inspect rafter ends for rot, make good if there was any rot by cutting back and replacing timbers, First row of tiles pushed up to expose felt, again make good with a run of new membrane (i suspect nowadays its eves tray / felt carriers). I Always ran a string across my rafter ends to ensure they are all straight and inline then used roof lattes to square off my rafter ends for soffit supports.
Fixed Soffit up unless needed ripping down any (rare occasions this was needed) using SS Capped nails. Fix Fascia, again capped nails, 2 per rafter end, Tiles back down and sit on top of 18mm Fasica. Gutters and pipework up then water test.

1) Is this still the best course of action?

2) I have read a few debates where people have said that 18MM Fasica is no longer the "Right" way to go and we should now be putting timber up again with a capping board - i cant see for a second the benefits here. IS IT Still common practice for using 18/22MM fascia alone?

3) I have concrete roof tiles that appear to be double nailed on each tile, i can not get the first row of tiles to move. SO, when i remove the fascia i suspect the fronts will drop lifting the rear, should i worry about this?
3B) Can i work without moving the first row of tiles? IE, slot my carriers under

4) Soffit Lights - do i put them in my barge ? or the rear? or just front - i know it is personal pref but whats the flavor?

5) Box end - how do people construct these now-a-days? - many ways of which we used to do them, i want the cleanest look so im thinking of buying a box end board and just having them square? - can anyone show me how to do them - i cant remember :(

6) My soffits are either Cement board OR Cement+Asbestos - i have got my disposable overalls and P3 respirator with new filters ready for the job as i dont want to risk it but are there any other tips i can take from you guys here?

Many thanks for taking the time to read and more so for those that do find the time to reply too,

Happy new year friends.

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