Flat tar roof repair

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Flat tar roof repair

Post by Casp101 » Sun Nov 25, 2018 4:28 pm

Hi guys,

I have a flat tar and gravel roof on my garage; eventually it's going to need replacing as I was told when I moved in by the surveyor (about a year ago). Right now I'm looking at some temporary fixes which would hopefully give me 1-2 years whilst I sort out saving for a full replacement.

It seems I have a leak on the edge of the roof, not the centre which is sound. There's a couple of points on the edge where it's blistered/cracked and you can see the wood underneath the tar layers.

I have searched high and low for the right answer in terms of A) what patching materials to use and B) what compounds/liquids to purchase. There seems to be about a million different answers, and a gazillion different products. I have a sense from looking at the material that using a thin liquid like pure bitumen won't do the job, but finding out what other liquids/pastes/cements are right for this job is sending me insane as there's so many options and I'm not clear on the differences despite a fair bit of research/video watching!

I saw a good US video where the guy had the same roof type and he used Henry Wet Patch, using some kind of meshing material and pressing it down into the compound. I can't find a similar product here in the UK though. Also, in that video, the Wet patch was applied with a trowel to a central cracked area of the flat roof - my problem is on the edges of the garage around the perimeter, where I have small cracks upto 1-4mm wide.

Any help greatly appreciated!
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Re: Flat tar roof repair

Post by Nigel 206 » Sun Nov 25, 2018 8:53 pm

As you're looking for a temporary repair, i've had good results using Acrypol.
The substrate doesn't need to be totally dry [as dry as possible is best] and it's
waterproof from the moment it's applied.
Brush it on thick,let it dry for a day or so, and then put another thickish layer on top.

Hope that helps.
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