Soil and waste for new en-suite

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Soil and waste for new en-suite

Post by Brian/in/Haxby » Fri Nov 09, 2018 1:14 pm

Hi, not posted on here for a while..
I'm building an en-suite in a bedroom containing shower, WC and basin and I'm scratching my head regarding the soil and waste routing. It's about 5m from the SV stack, so nearing the limit for an unvented soil branch pipe. What I would like to do is connect the shower and basin wastes into the soil branch, preferably internally. There is going to be a void of about 300mm behind the wall that the WC and basin back onto (a recess beside a chimney breast) so i have some room to play with.
What I'm proposing is on the attached sketch. The soil pipe runs below floor level between the joists so I can get enough fall on the shower waste without jacking the tray up too much. The vertical pipe with AAV is inside the void, so I'll have to ventilate the void somehow.
An alternative I'm considering is to run the soil pipe straight out through the wall, then put a vertical drop before an elbow to the branch, so that I could then run the shower waste under the floor and through the wall, connecting it with a boss outside. This would be neater inside but messier outside :scratch:
Would this work, particularly re preventing trap syphoning, and as importantly satisfy Building Control? Any comments or suggestions welcome!!
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