Anti Condensation paint or Anti Damp paint

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Anti Condensation paint or Anti Damp paint

Post by carlito123 » Tue Nov 06, 2018 10:51 am


I have wetness on the inside wall, below the front facing window on the 1st floor of me house. This leads to mould formation on this wall when it is cold. During the winter months, when it is very cold, the wall literally becomes wet. you can see the moisture on the wall, and it sometimes drips down the wall.

I want advise on which paint I can use to reduce this wetness on the inside wall when it's cold. I was looking at the Ronseal Anti-Damp paint and the Ronseal Anti-Condensation paint, but don't know which one to use.

One point to consider is, after I use the above paint (or what you recommend), I want to paint over this with another color coat paint which I want.

Can you kindly advise on the best option.

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Re: Anti Condensation paint or Anti Damp paint

Post by OchAye » Tue Nov 06, 2018 6:05 pm

:welcomeuhm: Carlito123

I have just looked at the two products you mention. The anti-damp paint won't help you, it sounds more like a stain blocker ... to use it where you have had damp to stop the damp stains reappearing when the damp issue has been fixed.

The anti-condensation paint may help you if as it says it adds a layer of insulation where you apply the paint.

Condensation is caused by vapour or steam which exist in all houses. If you cook, have a bath or shower, if you breathe, and certainly if you dry clothes in the house you will have vapour in the air. The vapour will condense at the coolest place it finds e.g. single glazed windows, WC cistern, a cold wall etc. The best cure is to reduce the vapour/steam in the house, use extractor fans were it is necessary, do not dry clothes in the house, have heating and most importantly have air circulation.

I think the paint will be of minimal help but if you decide to use it, read about cleaning the mould first, and you can overcoat the paint if you want with another paint.
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